In the late 1700’s two men of differing temperament and vision – one an art-lover, the other more technically-minded – decided to combine their insights and talents in a joint project. The architect Carl August Ehrensvärd felt that “primitive northerners” lacked the inspiration afforded by classical antiques, whilst shipbuilder Fredrik Henrik af Chapman craved a summer-house haven by the sea. Their notions harmonised and coalesced into Skärva Herrgård, where both servants and masters lived under the same roof. It became a place characterised by joy and community, as well as peace and serenity. Vice-Admiral Chapman, renowned for his shipbuilding skills throughout Europe, gradually withdrew from the project later on in life to focus on scientific research. Then, in 1806, the mansion was sold as a farmstead, and was eventually acquired by the Wachtmeister family. In 2014 the mansion came under new private ownership – and its doors, once again, open to all.


Skärva Herrgård is a magical place. It’s a place where guests can relax, reconnect with nature and find time for themselves – yet at the same time, it’s a place to celebrate life, to meet people, find inspiration and create fresh, innovative ideas and projects together. Skärva Herrgård combines both: it’s a Seminar centre where groups can be creative and learn together, and at the same time it’s a Guesthouse that offers recreation and relaxation … it’s also an Events Venue packed with excitement and celebration. Skärva Herrgård combines Swedish history with Modern Art, successful business meetings with meditation retreats, and guided Nature tours with classical concerts. We aspire to be a place of balance, a welcoming haven for all kinds of people. Utilising art, philosophy and science, we aim to inspire people to access new ways of thinking, to provide impulses for visions of a new world and profound personal development. With life lived in accordance with natural cycles, Skärva seeks to work towards a more sustainable society and, most importantly, engendered by the people who come here … Skärva is quite simply a place of joy, community and happiness.


“Art alone makes life possible […]. Man is only truly alive when he realizes he is a creative artistic being…” is how radically Joseph Beuys formulated it. He is one of many to inspire the owner of Skärva Herrgård. Art can confronts us, shock us and melt the frozen ice within us, thus unchaining our innermost source, re-kindling creative processes – boosted to enrich our theoretical knowledge with experience and shifting perspectives – and enable us to take fresh action once more. This is why the entire house and garden are full of art – of paintings, literature and Nature itself.


Skärva Manor is located in a nature reserve by the Baltic Sea. Pondering things under a gigantic, 900 year-old oak tree next to the Herrgård makes it is easy to forget modern, chaotic life. It allows the inner child within us to blossom, for us to re-live their sense of wonder and sparks of imagination and to make us yearn to be closer to Nature. This underpins our philosophy and striving for a life lived in alliance with Nature. All of the products used in our house are from sustainable sources, the food we offer to guests is organic and vegetarian, and our garden is maintained according to the principles of permaculture.