General Terms & Conditions are applicable to individual room bookings, conference bookings and other bookings.

  1. Definitions
Arrangement: when accommodation is provided with or without meals, for example a conference or group booking. Buyer: the person - physical or legal person - that is liable for the payment of the Arrangement. Booking value: The agreed price for the complete booking. The booking value may also be the total number of booked participants multiplied with the agreed price per participant per day, in addition to the cost of additional specific services.  
  1. Order
An order can be made orally or in writing. Skärva Herrgård will confirm any type of order with a written receipt.  
  1. Special arrangements
Any special arrangements, such as diets, allowing pets etc. need to be requested at the time of the booking by the Buyer. This also applies to all special arrangements regarding extra security.  
  1. Valuable assets
In the case of theft or similar events Skärva Herrgård is liable only if it has accepted and confirmed liability for the asset(s) in writing.  
  1. Cancellation
For late cancellations the below conditions below apply. Skärva Herrgård is entitled to cancel bookings and to withdraw from confirmed agreements, or the agreed upon date of agreements, within four weeks prior to theday of arrival. If these conditions are applicable, Skärva Herrgård will immediately inform the relevant guests and repay any payments already made for the booking. Skärva Herrgård will offer support in finding alternative accommodation.   Group booking, conferences and events   If cancellations are made less than four weeks prior to the first day of the Arrangement, the Buyer shall pay Skärva Herrgård 50% of the Booking Value.If a cancellation is made less than two weeks prior to the first day of the Arrangement, the Buyer shall pay 75% of the Booking Value. In case of partialcancellation, the terms above apply to the canceled part of the Booking.Accommodation and meals can be canceled without cost for up to 20% of the number of participants, provided that this information is provided no later than 7 days before arrival.   Individual room bookings   If a cancellation is made later than two weeks prior to the arrival, the Buyer shallpay Skärva Herrgård 50% of the price of the booked room. Should the cancellation be made less than one week prior to arrival, the Buyer shall pay 75% of the bookingvalue.    
  1. Payment
The Buyer is responsible for all costs connected to the booking. If individual participants of a conference-, group- or event booking are to pay for themselves, this must first be agreed upon and confirmed by Skärva Herrgård in writing before the date of the booking. If that has not happened, the Buyer remains responsible. Non-attending participants will not result in any reduction of the Booking Value.   Payment shall be carried out via bank transfer to the given bank account, or by cash in the reception upon checking in. No other form of payment is acceptable unless this has been specifically agreed upon. Any unpaid costs will be invoiced to the Buyer, unless otherwise agreed.   When delayed payment via invoice is the agreed upon method of payment, the Buyer shall pay the invoiced and total amount in full within 30 days of the date stated on the invoice. In case of late payment Skärva Herrgård is entitled to interest rate from the due date. The rate will be 8% above the base rate calculated by Riksbanken, or the valid reference rate at the time. Upon invoicing an additional invoicing fee will be added.    
  1. Reservations for price adjustments
Skärva Herrgård shall without any delay inform the Buyer about any price adjustments.  
  1. Force majeure
Strike, lock out, fire, explosion, war or warlike situation and essential restrictions in deliveries beyond the control of Skärva Herrgård give Skäva Herrgård the right to cancel the booking or arrangement without any liability for damages.  
  1. Integrity policy
Any personal information stored by Skärva Herrgård will be solely used for  internal administration, planning and invoicing. This data collection can be done manually or electronically. No such data will be shared with any third party. All personal information will be handled in accordance with Personuppgiftslagen.  
  1. Liability for property/negligence damages
Skärva Herrgård is not liable for the property in hotel rooms or in Skärva Herrgård?s facilities. In the case of lost or damaged property and confirmed negligence or fault by Skärva Herrgård?s employees Skärva Herrgård can be held responsible only for lost or damaged property equivalent to the value Skärva Herrgård receives from its Insurance Company.   In the case of any disturbance or shortcomings in the service provided by Skärva Herrgård it will immediately upon being informed by the Buyer act to correct this. The Buyer shall eliminate the disturbance and minimise the damage as can be reasonably required.   Skärva Herrgård has no liability whatsoever in regard to assets or property brought to its facilities by the Buyer.   Please note that there are several different kinds of artwork in the facilities.   The Buyer is responsible for any damage made by itself and its participants. The Buyer/Arranger of seminars, or night guests, is responsible for all damages to all property and moveable items, including art, caused by the Buyer or in  connection with an arrangement, an overnight stay or by a contractor to the Buyer or a participant. All damages caused according to the above shall be immediately reported to Skärva Herrgård.   Skärva Herrgård will only accept liability for loss, theft or damage to assets if the Arranger or its representatives have explicitly given Skärva Herrgård notice and only if Skärva Herrgård, or its representatives, have caused the damage through gross negligence or wilful misconduct. Skärva Herrgård is not liable for damage made to vehicles (referring to interior only) or bicycles positioned at Skärva Herrgård unless in the case of gross negligence or wilful misconduct by Skärva Herrgård?s authorities or contractors. The maximum liability owed by Skärva Herrgård to the Buyer is equivalent to the value of reimbursement that Skärva Herrgård receives from its Insurance Company.   These terms and conditions include the user terms and conditions and are hereby partof the general terms and conditions.   Guardians are responsible for their children.    
  1. Disputes
  Swedish law shall apply and any dispute shall be submitted to the Courts of Blekinge   If any part of this agreement should be declared unenforceable or invalid, the remainder of the agreement will continue be valid and enforceable.   Upon it being determined that any provision of this agreement is invalid orunenforceable, the provision shall be replaced with a new provision that mirrors the original legal and economic intent as close as possible.